Gregory Q. Marsella is a physician by training and a board-certified psychiatrist, who received his B.A. at Harvard, his M.D. at the University of Pennsylvania, and his residency training in psychiatry at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. He is a practicing psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist.


Over the last decade, my focus has been directed towards researching treatments for a variety of the most common psychiatric disorders – Depression, Anxiety, and various Mood Disorders. My treatment philosophy recognizes that pharmacological therapies for these conditions, should be aimed at an individual’s particular genetic makeup. In my experience, when this approach is used in combination with transcranial magnetic stimulation, you find patients achieving higher rates of remission for longer periods of time.

& Personalized Medicine

I offer in-house genetics testing, Genomind’s 
Genecept Assay and Assurex’s GeneSight Assay. They enable me to provide Personalized Psychiatry to my patients.

Contract & Grant-Based
Medical Research
& Clinical Trials

My research site, Da Vinci Research, performs Grant-
based Medical Research and Contract Clinical Trials for Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical companies.

& Transcranial
Magnetic Stimulation

At my TMS Clinic, I offer Neuronetics TMS Therapy and Brainsway rDTMS in Boca Raton & Miami. They are currently approved for the treatment of Depression.